Automotive Component Suppliers Didn’t Take the Summer Off

    09/18/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Remember when summers were for relaxation? Peaceful days at the beach building sand castles with your kids or playing a round of golf where you barely kept score or boating with family and friends on a tranquil lake. Work seemed to be less frenetic in July and August and when you came back to the office after your annual two week hiatus it seemed as if not a lot had happened (and sometimes your absence was not particularly noticed, which was worrisome).

    USB 3.2: The Basics

    08/17/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Like Goldilocks we know when something is just right. Not too big, not too difficult, not too hot or cold (as in porridge). When it isn’t we don’t hide our displeasure. But the recent announcement from the USB Promoter Group— which counts Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Texas Instruments among its members— regarding the upcoming USB 3.2 standard seems “spot on,” as my British friends might put it. So without delay here’s the good news: USB transfer speeds will double (up to 20Gb/s) and if you have a USB Type-C cable certified for 10Gb/s “SuperSpeed+” there’s no need for new cables.

    Continuing Progress on the Anti-Counterfeiting Front

    07/14/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    There may be a temptation to conclude that after a flurry of activity 12 months ago nothing of great moment is occurring with regard to the design, development and licensing of technology aimed at reducing the harmful effects of counterfeiting, Any such assessment, however, would be grossly misleading.

    New Passive Component Design Kit for IoT Applications

    06/22/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    The Internet of Things is not only driving the electronic component market, but it’s also influencing the direction design/development kits are taking. While passives and connectors are changing to meet the new demands of IoT projects (for example many IoT nodes need capacitors for coupling, decoupling and filtering), manufacturers also are being asked to deliver smaller packages that deliver the same capacitance or resistance as their former larger versions along with excellent reliability and a high Mean Time To Failure (MTTF).

    Materials Development Drives New Momentum for Supercaps

    05/16/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    A supercapacitor stores and releases energy in an electric field by physically separating positive and negative charges (unlike batteries which use a chemical reaction). Supercapacitors typically have higher energy density than other capacitors and higher power density than batteries. A supercapacitor is able to respond almost instantly and can routinely operate for more than 15 years with very little, if any, need for maintenance.

    Technical papers of interest at APEC 2017

    04/14/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Conventional wisdom says that the way to grab headlines at a major conference is to hold all announcements until opening day then launch the new products with your PR agency and marketing department beating the publicity drums loudly enough to be heard for miles around.

    First Look at New and Notable Passives at APEC 2017

    02/14/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Conventional wisdom says that the way to grab headlines at a major conference is to hold all announcements until opening day then launch the new products with your PR agency and marketing department beating the publicity drums loudly enough to be heard for miles around.

    48V Power for Cars: A New Opportunity for Passives

    02/14/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    As electrical demands in cars increase beyond the capabilities of the traditional 12V supply, automakers are moving to 48V power rails, which offer some attractive advantages: lower overall fuel consumption, a smaller environmental impact (especially CO2 emissions), improved engine performance and the ability to introduce a new series of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

    In 2017 ReRAM Will Make its Presence Felt

    01/17/2017 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Gazing into a crystal ball can be a risky business, but amidst the haze one thing seems clear about the future of non-volatile memory: 2017 will see a big push by Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) manufacturers into mainstream commercial applications, leveraging advantages such as very-high-storage density, low power consumption and long endurance that have been tantalizing potential users for several years.

    Hardware Counterfeiting: Measures and Counter-Measures

    12/19/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    While methods for recognizing software viruses are becoming well established and patches can be created and distributed to fix affected programs, on the hardware side deliberately inserted defects and modifications to the underlying processors still can be made to be almost invisible.

    Electronica 2016: Much to See in Munich

    11/17/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Electronica 2016, which took place Nov. 8-11 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. lived up to its billing as one of the world's leading trade shows for electronic components, systems and applications.

    Microwave, Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Systems and Technologies Take the Spotlight in London

    10/14/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    The 46th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), which concluded in London Oct.6 after a three day run, is the largest annual event in Europe dedicated to microwave components, systems and technologies. It attracts 4500 attendees and more than 300 exhibiting companies, spread over about 7800 m2, covering a broad range of high-frequency topics, from materials to integrated circuits, systems and applications. On exhibit at the Excel London fairground were the latest developments in filters and passive components, modelling and design of RF MEMS and microsystems, high data rate microwave photonics, ultra-low-noise microwave and millimeter-wave sources, 5G solutions and new packaging technologies.

    DoD Amends Acquisition Rules to Stem Flow of Counterfeit Electronics

    09/27/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Back in 2011 the Senate Armed Services Committee initiated an investigation into counterfeit electronic parts in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain. The resulting study, published a year later, found approximately 1,800 cases of suspect counterfeit electronic parts in military equipment over a two-year period. The total number of individual suspect parts exceeded one million.

    Capacitors for Spacecraft: Withstanding a Harsh Radiation Environment

    08/09/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Dennis Zogbi’s terrific MarketEye column “Space-Based Passive Components: Global Market Update: 2016” prompted me to look into the effects of radiation on passives, and capacitors in particular, intended for use on spacecraft. Passives represent more than 80% of the electronic parts used on spacecraft, so radiation can be a major concern since space applications cannot afford to suffer a performance outage or loss of any function.

    Bluetooth Takes on the Internet of Things

    07/12/2016 Murray Slovick in: Passives

    Just like Goldilocks, the market for wireless connectivity products knows when something is just right. And when it comes to getting it right, it’s hard to argue against Bluetooth, with more than 8.2 billion Bluetooth-enabled products in use and over 30,000 company members participating in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

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