Leading Edge Technology, Soft Demand and Distribution Strategy are Biggest Influencers

    04/12/2016 Lew LaFornara in: TTI Insights

    As we close the first quarter of 2016, TTI’s Lew LaFornara, VP Supplier Marketing and Product Management, takes a look at trends for the connectors industry.

    Market conditions are essentially what the electronics sourcing industry expected for this year. Relatively weak end-market demand and only a mildly positive economic outlook have created a basically flat market for connectors. The ongoing weakening demand that started in Q2 2015 and continued throughout the balance of last year has resulted in the leaning of the supply chains of both component manufacturers and OEMs. Most supply chain strategies are currently focused on cost reduction rather than dealing with excess inventory or capacity.

    Stronger Links in the Connector Supply Chain

    08/17/2015 Lew LaFornara in: TTI Insights

    The world's electronics connectors suppliers prefer to have specific focus – build the best connectors possible, operate efficiently and cost effectively, provide innovative and enabling technologies, and make a profit while doing it. These manufacturers are experts in design engineering, manufacturing, and to some extent marketing and branding of their products. They'd rather not be heavily involved in warehousing, maintaining ‘ready-to-sell' inventory, developing customer specific supply chain programs, or handling quick turn drop in orders at less than lead time or less than minimum order quantities (MOQs).

    No Pain, No Gain The Hassle of Conflict Mineral Audits Might Actually be Worth It

    10/22/2014 Lew LaFornara in: TTI Insights

    It is a simple question companies are required to ask and, depending on the direction of the latest appellate court decision, perhaps even answer: do your connectors contain conflict minerals? For the vast majority of connectors, conflict minerals are a non-issue, however the answer “no.” is no longer sufficient. A small requirement of the 2012 Dodd-Frank Act compels publicly-held American companies to certify the tin, tungsten, gold or tantalum in their raw materials stream do not come from the war-torn region of central Africa.

    Why Robots Won’t Replace People

    01/21/2014 Lew LaFornara in: TTI Insights

    Industrial Q&A with TTI Inc. An interview with Lew LaFornara, VP Supplier Marketing and Product Management, TTI Inc.

    Delivering Support for Early Adopters

    05/02/2013 Lew LaFornara in: Industry

    Creating the products of tomorrow, demands awareness of the latest components today. This holds true for interconnect, passives, electromechanical and circuit protection products. Keeping up with new technology and product introductions and getting parts in hand for testing and evaluation can be a daunting task for engineers and buyers. Finding the right distribution partner makes all the difference in meeting these demands efficiently and giving end products a competitive edge.

    TTI Announces Reduced Lead Times for Value Added Connector Assembly

    02/23/2009 Lew LaFornara in: TTI Insights

    In another TTI Insights post on the tti|MarketEye blog, Lew LaFornara, who is TTI’s Vice President of Product Management for Connectors, announces reduced lead times for value added connector assembly for TTI customers.

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