Harnessing Useful Information from a Deluge of Data

    04/19/2016 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    There is no shortage of data within the electronics supply chain. Suppliers, distributors and customers share forecasts, inventory data, order status and compliance information; they transact business in multiple languages and currencies; they monitor their partners and external inputs for potential disruptions and they keep abreast of their competitors.

    Distributors Provide Safe Passage for Exported Goods

    11/05/2015 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    The channel tackles trade compliance complexities for both suppliers and customers

    Court Ruling Unlikely to Stall Conflict Minerals Compliance

    09/15/2015 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    A recent ruling by a U.S. appeals court is unlikely to suspend the electronics industry’s compliance efforts toward the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known as the “conflict

    The High Cost of Compliance: A RoHS Retrospective

    04/23/2015 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    The regulatory environment for the electronics industry continues to become more complex

    What’s in a Name? In the Channel, Everything

    11/20/2014 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    The electronics distribution industry is undergoing an identity crisis of sorts. “Catalog” no longer accurately describes small-volume online distributors; “non-authorized” and “blended” have replaced “independent”; and “authorized” has supplanted “franchised” in the channel’s lexicon.

    Poorly Managed Excess Inventory Poses Threat to Supply Chain

    07/03/2014 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    A long-standing challenge in the electronics supply chain is the management of so-called ‘excess’ inventory. When an OEM or EMS provider orders too much product, it is often sold in the open market to distributors that are not franchised by component suppliers. The problems this creates for the authorized channel include the taint of counterfeit components in the electronics supply chain. Authorization—or franchises—are designed to protect suppliers, distributors and customers. From the customer standpoint, procuring product from an authorized distributor is similar to acquiring it directly from the supplier in terms of brand, quality and performance.

    When Demand Creation Programs Work, Everybody Wins

    03/20/2014 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    The global electronics supply chain is by its very nature a complicated business. Certain aspects of the relationship between suppliers, distributors and their customers only add to the complexity. But when a system works the way it’s supposed to, everybody wins.

    Compensation Issues Challenge Demand Creation Programs

    02/19/2014 Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    Few individuals will work without the expectation of pay; yet a parallel to this scene plays out in the supply chain every day. The allocation – and cost − of resources attached to demand creation programs is spurring some frank conversation between distributors and their suppliers.

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