World Telecommunications: Mobile and Infrastructure

    10/23/2014 Didier Coulon in: Industry

    In 2012, the world mobile subscriber base grew at a rate of 7.5% to reach 6.4 billion users. For 2013, growth should be 6.6% to reach a worldwide base of 6.8 billion mobile phone users.

    Whatever the Future of the Automotive Industry, Electronics is the Key

    09/09/2014 Didier Coulon in: Industry

    Today, electronics represent around 25% to 30% of a modern car production costs but, more importantly, electronic systems now contribute 90% of car innovations and new features, from emission levels to safety systems (both active and passive) and entertainment/connectivity features. There is not one new development in the automotive industry that does not rely on electronic systems and technologies.

    Industrial and Medical Electronics

    06/26/2014 Didier Coulon in: Industry

    After having recovered in 2010 from the 2009 recession, the global industrial sector market has not been immediately affected by the financial crisis in 2011. But the global weakness of the economy in the developed countries and a slower growth in the developing ones stopped this favourable orientation, and the world industrial electronic equipment production growth rate decreased from 8.4% in 2011 to 2.6% in 2012 and 3.5% in 2013.

    Evolution of Electronics in the Civil Aeronautics Market

    04/22/2014 Didier Coulon in: Industry

    The share of electronics in civil aircraft is rightly perceived as growing but is often overestimated in literature. The feeling that electronics are ubiquitous in the management of aeronautical systems may explain this mistake. Besides, if some electronic functions are relatively easy to identify like communications, radars, flight management systems or In-Flight Entertainment (IFE), others are less visible for example, those controlling certain traditional mechanical functions such as brakes, landing gear, flight controls, etc. Moreover, even if Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are clearly identifiable electronic sub-systems, other electronic equipment is disseminated in electronic systems (e.g. electronic equipment related to sensors and actuators). A trend reinforced with the arrival of a more electrical generation of aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350.

    For 2013, we estimate the production of electronic equipment dedicated to aeronautics to represent a 9.7 billion euro market at the world level. This market should grow at 8.1% per year until 2017. An excellent performance compared with the 3.2% of growth of the total world electronic production.

    General Outlook: Toward more Professional Electronics, a Chance for North America and Europe

    02/18/2014 Didier Coulon in: Industry

    Ten years ago, North America, Europe and Japan recovered from the telecom crisis but still represented, as a group, around two-thirds of global electronic equipment production.

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