Changing market conditions, shifting base material costs, lead time volatility and the constant challenge of forecasting bring out the best in speciality, authorized distributors like TTI. We are even more committed to offering our expertise and increasing levels of support to our purchasing professional partners. There are many questions we are asked when it comes to supporting the connector buyer and in this article I’ll address the most common ones.

What is TTI’s Commitment to Inventory?

Customers are interested in our connector stock profile and how much of it is available to sell (ATS) as opposed to committed customer orders, forecasts, etc. TTI is committed to a low turn/ high service inventory model. Fundamental to the core of TTI is the commitment to maintain upward of 70 percent of all components in stock available to sell. Add to this our commitment to stock product families broad and deep and you understand why we have the best-in-class and leading inventory position with our complete line card of premier connector suppliers. At TTI we like to say that all inventory profiles are not created equal, this describes our commitment to stocking the slower moving, more customer specific components as well as the A and B movers that everyone has. Typically in the connector world C, D and E movers can be the majority (>50%) of the part numbers on your BOM and having those components in stock at TTI is key to supporting your complete business needs; from lowest possible TCO to mitigating your risk of going line down.

What are TTI Supply Chain Capabilities?

TTI offers customers a flexible approach when it comes to supply chain solutions. Our unique inventory composition, commitment to ATS thresholds and ability to monitor and adjust to changing demands allow us to offer industry leading supply chain and logistics support and on-time delivery metrics. In uncertain economic conditions TTI offers consistency of supply and can often minimize and/or delay the impact of price increases on a local, regional and global basis.

How is TTI Committed to Supporting New Product Introductions (NPI) and the Needs of Early Adopters?

The need for quick turn samples and pre-production support is often early in the life cycle of a specific component or product family. TTI meets this challenge by ensuring we are aligned closely with our suppliers’ product management teams. This ensures we jointly agree on the best way of supporting our early adopter customers’ needs. Typically this translates into a broad NPI package stocked as early as possible, often in conjunction with our subsidiary Mouser Electronics. Our relationship with Mouser ensures we are able to support buyers and engineers with the new components they need, when they need them.

What is TTI’s Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement?

As a company founded by a buyer from the defense sector, TTI has been driven to achieve consistently high levels of quality and on-time delivery. Today Paul Andrews’ vision of a company whose culture is predicated on continuous quality improvement has become a reality­. TTI is approved to ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B as well as being a full QPL Class C, MIL-std-790 certified assembler of military circular connectors. Price often is a strong procurement driver, and TTI is focused on remaining competitive in the market place. Maintaining best-in-class quality and on-time delivery programs is a journey, and as they say – at TTI we’re on it every day.

Does TTI Offer QPL Assembled Connectors?

TTI offers 48-hour turnaround on low volume QPL connector requirements through the use of our Class C, Mil-std-790 approved assembly facility in Fort Worth, Texas. In fact, for a long time we have maintained a dedicated connector facility for all connectors, connector components and connector assembly lines. In addition, by utilizing our piece part inventory for assembly and our finished goods inventory, TTI is able to offer same day delivery on literally thousands of value-added part numbers.

How can I Keep Up-to-date with what is Happening in this Fast Changing Industry?

At TTI we understand that access to accurate, industry relevant news and information is important. You must be informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of the connector world and that can be quite time consuming, so we’ve developed a variety of tools to that end. Our MarketEYE Research Center is available on our homepage ( and gives you access to free, component-specific articles. Viewers can also purchase in-depth research reports on passives, connectors and electromechanical products from industry experts.

There are many other areas that we could discuss. The topics I have covered are the key areas we field a lot of questions about. I thank you for your time and would be happy to answer questions specific to your connector buying needs.

John Sandy

John Sandy

John Sandy is TTI's Director of Supplier Marketing, North America.

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