Bishop & Associates segments the connector industry into geographic regions, countries, market sectors and product types. At the highest level, there are six geographic regions, 11 market sectors and 12 product types. This means it is possible for a company to achieve top 10 status in 29 categories (6+11+12=29).

The following table identifies how Bishop & Associates defines the connector industry at the highest levels.

Connector Industry Segmentation

The following table (on the next page) identifies the 48 companies that achieved top 10 status. Twelve companies achieved top 10 status only one time. Generally, these companies are highly focused on one product line or one market sector.

Top 10 Companies

Ten companies achieved top 10 status at least 10 times. TE Connectivity achieved top ten status in all 29 categories. In many of these categories, TE was ranked number one.

Amphenol achieved 24 top 10 rankings, Molex 23, Delphi 18, JST 14 and Foxconn and Yazaki each achieved top 10 status 13 times.

By geographic region there are 25 companies with top 10 rank, 38 top 10 companies when market sector is the category and 42 companies when products are considered.

There are over 1,000 connector companies. We have profiled approximately 750 companies in our “subscriber’s only” website or ( This site maybe sorted by:

  • Geographic Region
  • Country
  • Market Sector
  • Product Type
  • Annual Sales

The site is designed to provide value to companies that are looking for acquisition opportunities and for OEMs that are seeking out available connector suppliers. 

Ronald E. Bishop

Ronald E. Bishop

Ronald E. Bishop founded Bishop & Associates Inc., a market research firm that specializes in the world electronic connector industry, in 1985. The firm publishes a monthly newsletter titled “The Bishop Report,” and the twice-monthly digital publication Connector Supplier.

The reports, produced by a staff of 20 researchers, focus on geographic regions, end-user equipment markets, connector products, and interconnect technologies.

The firm also provides executive placement services and conducts multi-client studies and customer surveys, and assists in merger and acquisition activity.

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