TTI’s core competency is logistically managing your interconnect, passive, electromechanical, and discrete components through a variety of supply chain services tailored to meet your specific needs. TTI can assist you with 75% of your Bill Of Materials (BOM), 85% percent of your PCB board placements, and typically 7% of your total spend. It is critical that these small relatively inexpensive components be handled in an efficient and effective process lowering you acquisition costs, reducing your stock, and protecting the flow of incoming material.

Our Services include:

  • Bonded Inventory / Safety Stock:
    TTI will hold inventory based on an agreed quantity in a dedicated buffer stock.
  • Auto Replenishment:
    TTI reserves inventory based on forecast demand and fulfills requirements on released orders (automatically). Auto-Release is a very efficient way to eliminate non-value added activities.
  • Kanban /Demand Pull:
    Based on actual material consumption on the production line, a replenishment signal will be sent to TTI. This signal can be automated by standard EDI/SML transactions or scanning technology. TTI ships the parts after receipt of order notification.
  • Consignment Inventory:
    TTI's consigned inventory program will reduce materials procurement lead-time and increase IP&E inventory turnover. TTI will store inventory at the customer site and invoice based on product consumption.
  • Third-Party Logistics:
    TTI's supply chain management programs will easily integrate with the requirements of an agreed third-party logistics provider.

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