Weekly Global Update for September 13, 2017

    09/13/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Global PMI Leading Indicators; Global Semiconductor Sales up 24% y/y in July; U.S. Electronics Shipments, Orders & Inventories; Rapid Migration to Larger-sized Screens Enables Public Display Revenue to Grow; Worldwide Brand Motherboard Shipments to decline to 45 million units in 2017; Global DRAM Module Sales droping12% y/y to US$6.9 billion in 2016; Worldwide AR/VR Headset Shipments grew 25.5% y/y to 2.1 million in 2Q’17; Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Shipments

    Economy Improves, Brexit Looms

    09/12/2017 Victoria Kickham in: Industry

    As industries worldwide awake from their post-crisis slumber, geopolitical concerns—especially Brexit—cast shadows on growth potential.

    Weekly Global Update for September 6, 2017

    09/06/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    August PMI Leading Indicators; 2Q’17 Revenue Growth – EMS/ODM Companies & Electronic Supply Chain; Japan Update; Semiconductor Capex to Increase 20% Y/Y to Record $80.9 Billion in 2017 with Majority Funding Foundry & Flash Memory Technology; N. American PCB shipments dropped 6.2% in July; Bookings increased 8%; Worldwide Smartphone Shipments to Grow from 1.47 billion in 2016 to 1.7 billion in 2021; Personal Computing Device Market to continue to decline @ -1.7% CAGR from 435 million units in 2016 to 398 million in 2021; Graphics Card Prices to rise reflecting Increasing Memory Costs; World Wearable Market Shipments Grew 10.3% y/y to 26.3 million units in 2Q’17; U.S. 2Q’17 GDP Growth revised up to 3%, highest in 2+ years

    Weekly Global Update for August 30, 2017

    08/30/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    August Flash PMI Leading Indicators; U.S. July Durable Goods; 4G Smartphone Demand in Emerging Markets Spurred Growth in 2Q’17; First-tier Notebook Vendors' Shipments Slowed in July; N American Semiconductor Equipment Industry billings up 32.8% in July; Mobile DRAM Revenue Grew 14.8% sequentially in 2Q’17 & will Keep Climbing in 3Q’17; Global NAND Flash Revenue Grew 8% Sequentially in 2Q’17; NAND Flash Prices to Keep Rising in 3Q’17; German Electronic Component Distributors Sales grew 12.2% in Q2’17; Worldwide Wearable Device Sales to Grow 17% in 2017

    Weekly Global Update for August 23, 2017

    08/23/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Updated 2Q’17 Global Supply Chain Growth Estimate; Europe Update; European Semiconductor Distribution Strong in 2Q’17; Worldwide Semiconductor Market Expected to Grow 17% to US$397 Billion in 2017 after increasing 1.1% in 2016; Semiconductor Content in Electronic Systems Forecast to Set New Record in 2017; Lockheed Martin - Reasons to Keep Your Printed Circuit Board Production in U.S. ; Apple's Smartwatch Shipments Expected to Rise to 4.5 Million Units in 4Q’17 & to 15 Million Total for 2017

    Weekly Global Update for August 16, 2017

    08/16/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    China/Taiwan Update; World Passive Component 2Q’17 Growth; Second Quarter Global EMS & ODM performance; Printed Circuit Board Supply Chain 2Q’17 Results; Second Quarter Silicon Wafer Shipments at Record Levels; iPhone Supplier Sales Rising as New iPhone Production Gains Momentum; Reshoring to USA; Global Smartphone Production 324 Million Units in 2Q’17; Global memory Card Market to Grow at 0.45% CAGR; German Exports Declined the Most in Nearly 2 Years

    Weekly Global Update for August 9, 2017

    08/09/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    July PMI Leading Indicators; 2Q’17 Global Electronic Supply Chain Growth; U.S. June Electronic Supply Chain Shipments, Orders & Inventories; World Semiconductor Sales increased 23.7% y/y in 2Q’17; Significant Mid-Year Revision to 2017 IC Market Forecast; Taiwan Fabless Firms Expect Short Lead-time Orders to Buoy 4Q’17 Revenues; Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Spending Projected to Increase 10.2% y/y in 2017; Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Declined 1.3% y/y in 2Q’17; Global smartphone demand 347 million units in 2Q’17; Worldwide Tablet Shipments Declined 3.4% y/y to 37.9 million units in 2Q’17; Desktop Sales Expected to Resume Growth in 3Q’17 driven by Gaming and High-end Desktop Markets

    Weekly Global Update for August 2, 2017

    08/02/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Flash July Purchasing Managers’ Indices; 2Q’17 Electronic Supply Chain Growth (first estimate); 2Q’17 EMS/ODM Growth; N American June PCB Orders & Shipments; N American SEMI Equipment Industry Worldwide Billings increased 33% y/y in June 2017; Supply of 8-inch Silicon Wafers to Remain Tight through 1H’18; Chip Demand from Non-Apple Camp Slowing as Chip Suppliers Engaged In Apple's Supply Chain See Orders Pick Up In June; Smartphone Production Volume for 1H'17 Expanded by 7% y/y; India’s Smartphone Shipments Fall for First Time; Chinese Smartphone Shipments Fall 3% year on year; U.S. GDP Grows 2.6% in 2Q’17

    Weekly Global Update for July 26, 2017

    07/26/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Japan Electronic Equipment, Device & Component Update; Japanese Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display Equipment Shipments; Euro at 2-year High versus Dollar; World Industrial Production Growth by Major Country; Global Digital Camera Shipments; U.S. Economy

    Defense Exports Set to Decline

    07/25/2017 Victoria Kickham in: Industry

    New report shows global defense exports will slide in 2018, though U.S. remains global leader.

    Weekly Global Update for July 19, 2017

    07/19/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Europe Update; World Semiconductor Revenue Forecast to Increase 16.8% y/y to $401.4 Billion in 2017; World SEMI Equipment Sales Projected to Increase 19.8% to Total $49.4 Billion In 2017; World PC Shipments Declined 4.3% y/y to 61.1 Million Units in 2Q’17; Global Tablet Shipments Decreased 30.8% to 36 Million Units in 1Q’17; World IT Spending Forecast to Grow 2.4% y/y to $3.5 Trillion in 2017; U.S. Industrial Production up 0.4% in June

    Weekly Global Update for July 12, 2017

    07/12/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Global Semiconductor Sales Increased 22.6% Y/Y to $31.9 Billion in May; PMI Leading Indicators for June; U.S. May Shipments, Orders & Inventories for Domestic Electronic Supply Chain; China to Kick Off 5G Commercialization by 2020; IT Infrastructure Spending for Cloud Environments will increase 12.4% Y/Y in 2017 to $40.1 Billion; Taiwan-based PC-related IC Suppliers Positive about 3Q’17 Outlook; AMOLED Fine Metal Mask Market to Grow at 38% CAGR from $234 Million in 2017 to $1.2 Billion in 2022

    Weekly Global Update for July 5, 2017

    07/05/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    May U.S. Electronics Shipments & Orders; N American PCB Shipments down 3.1% y/y & Bookings decreased 7.3% y/y in May 2017; DRAM ASPs to Rise 5% Sequentially in 3Q’17 as Supply Remains Tight; Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Grew 14.9% to $8 Billion in 1Q’17; World CMOS Image Sensors Sales Expected to Increase 8.7% CAGR from $11.5 billion in 2017 to $15.9 billion in 2021; Worldwide Wearables Market to Nearly Double by 2021; China “Official” Manufacturing PMI was 51.7 in June; Metal Prices

    Weekly Global Update for June 28, 2017

    06/28/2017 Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    June “Flash” PMI Leading Indicators; Japan Update; Smartphone Makers may see Component Shortages in 2H’17 resulting from Design-In of Larger Memory Capacity, High-Density Batteries, High-Resolution Cameras as well as Dual-Lens Camera Modules; German Robotics & Automation Sales Expected to Grow 7% Y/Y in 2017 after New High in 2016; Cellphone IC Sales Projected to Grow 16% y/y in 2017 to US$84.4 billion while Personal Computing Systems' IC Market will increase 9% y/y to US$80.1 billion; Worldwide 3D Printer Shipments increased 29% in 2016 while Revenue Grew by more than 18% Year over Year; Worldwide Top-5 Notebook Vendors Combined Shipments increased 26% m/m & Top-3 ODMs expanded 34% m/m in May; Win Semi Looks to 5G Base Station Construction for 2018 growth

    Industry Outlook Calls for Moderate Growth

    06/27/2017 Victoria Kickham in: Industry

    Manufacturing economy improves, but industry watchers say moderation is still the norm.

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