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Vishay Thermistors Provide a Lifetime of Stability Even
at Extreme Temperatures
Extreme temperature
Advanced NTC technology offers a very fast reacting 900 °C thermistor with long lifetime stability. It is highly resistant to more than 5000 thermal cycles between 25 °C and 900 °C. High sensitivity in a very small body diameter of only 2 mm enables easy integration.
Extreme stability
With a typical drift of less than 0.2 %, these NTC SMD thermistors offer the best in class long-term stability, enabling super-stable temperature sensing over a prolonged life time of 10000 hours at any operating temperature or condition.
Extreme accuracy
A highly stable thin platinum film with enhanced temperature cycling capabilities for applications that require the greatest accuracy (± 0.3°C) and stability (< 0.05 %). Also for automotive applications that are AEC-Q200-compliant.